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Random flashback 2:

Flying Over Africa – Part 1

Flying Over Africa – Part 1

On the second leg of our journey to Cape Town, we took off from Amsterdam Schiphol, flew southeast towards Paris, then due south until the mountain wave over the Pyrenees was unmistakably felt, a strong chop keeping us seated with the seat belt sign on until…

Coriolistic Anachronisms | Vancouver Graffiti ~

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Vancouver Graffiti ~

I‘ve posted a new Vancouver-related photo gallery, this time showcasing the work of others. It’s called Vancouver Graffiti and it aims at exploring another one of our city’s many faces. It will eventually be followed by a second gallery focusing on architectural styles, house and building particularities and so on, once I’ve accumulated enough materials. For now, enjoy the colors of our walls. This is no longer vandalism, it has become a form of public art, and these guys are good!

2009 update: the gallery is no longer availible due to a major site redesign.


  • miss lulu

    haha, j’adore van gogh au milieu des crânes… très original :)

    Comment logged on 2006-4-12
  • la da vince

    Etonnant et plutôt sympa. J’attends avec impatience les photos d’architectures et de style différents.
    Merci encore et toujours de nous faire partager ce Canada si loin de nous.

    Comment logged on 2006-4-15

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