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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Soon airborne to South Africa

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Soon airborne to South Africa

Coriolistic Anachronisms, already a little dazed by winter’s numbing caress, is going to slow down even further while Marie and I escape across the Atlantic Ocean to Africa. For the two months to come, I will only be posting brief and sporadic teasers from the road. I will, however, be taking photos like crazy and should have a lot to write about once we get back.

My goal this year is to concentrate on large scale panoramas and HDR. The new Manfrotto tripod and its ballhead will follow me everywhere. Going to extremes, I have rigged a makeshift panoramic head in the form of a $10 Nikon bracket that I attach at an angle between the sideways ballhead and the camera and which approximate the advantages of the $400 real thing, correcting parallax by making the camera rotate roughly around the lens’ entrance pupil. The 3 panos posted in a previous entry were taken using that rig but I have since then improved the design. Furthermore, they were shot in sub-freezing temperatures with numb fingers and little time to calculate and prepare. South Africa, in comparison, will be bliss…

Until next time, then.

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