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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Vincent Mounier Photography compromised

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Vincent Mounier Photography compromised

I have just been notified by my hosting provider that my FTP password had been compromised.

Some moron hacker injected most of my HTML files with malicious code, which was subsequently cleaned up by my provider, leaving all HTML files truncated and broken.

If any of you tried to access Vincent Mounier Photography dot com during that time and got empty pages or some garbage, I apologize. It would seem the web is a very insecure place these days. Measures are being taken and policies implemented for this not to happen again.

The blog was not affected, as the attack targeted HTML files and the blog is run by PHP.

UPDATE: The first wave of this attack seems to have been fended off. New security measures are being implemented. My hosting provider has been helpful, and so have the fine folks over at CloudFlare, a new service I have been experimenting with for some time now…


  • dinahmow

    Sorry to hear this, Vincent. Such a sad waste of mental abilities, isn’t it?

    Comment logged on 2010-11-1
  • Vince

    Tell me about it. Last year, I got kicked out by my at-the-time hosting provider because of a spamming attack, no apologies, no help given, no sympathy.

    This time, the damage is less intense so far, but an ongoing struggle. Still. If this web site/blog goes dead in the near future, don’t even wonder. The evil side of mankind, spammers, hackers, web terrorists and other shoot-on-sight bastards, will have triumphed temporarily.

    Comment logged on 2010-11-2
  • Dreamer

    We are with you, whatever happens. On or off the web, we think you’re the best ;-)

    Comment logged on 2010-11-3
  • ?????? ?????????

    Hi vincent, I was born in south africa and visited the kruger national park often. Your pictures are amazing !!!
    very nice site by the way

    Comment logged on 2011-1-20
  • Vince

    Hi ??????,

    Thanks for the kind words. I hope to see the Kruger some day, it must be amazing.


    Comment logged on 2011-1-20

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