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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Cape Town's Cape Malay Quarter - Coriolistic Anachronisms

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Cape Town’s Cape Malay Quarter

As Marie and I are flying back from South Africa to New York via Dubai, here’s a symphony of Cape Malay colors from a very unique part of Cape Town. 

More South Africa posts will follow, as soon as we have landed in the U.S., recovered from our flights, gotten re-acquainted with a black cat with an attitude and whipped up our broadband internet connection into action to make up for Constantia’s 386 kbps intermittent ADSL.

Cape Town’s Cape Malay Quarters


  • Dreamer

    My God, how grey Quebec is compared to that explosion fo colours… ;-(

    Comment logged on 2011-2-16
  • led tv ireland

    Great photos, in Poland this is unusual view, really enjoyed watching those Cape Town’s houses : )

    Comment logged on 2011-2-16

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