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Missing the Skies

Missing the Skies

It is no secret that the sky is where I long to be, airborne, aloft, high. But this is not another rant about how much I miss flying. It is much more simple, yet infinitely deeper. After living in Harlem for almost a year, I’ve…

Coriolistic Anachronisms | AF447: The Black Boxes Have Started Talking

Coriolistic Anachronisms


AF447: The Black Boxes Have Started Talking

Having recovered the precious “black boxes” – which are actually painted international orange, the French BEA has begun analyzing the data and voice recordings of the flight’s last moments. That might take weeks but at this stage, it is safe to assume that the light is soon to be shed on the fate of Air France flight 447. The plane that never arrived could finally be allowed to come home in the hearts of the many who grieve, and wonder.

May lessons be learned, and may it be revealed that the main culprit was old Murphy, who’s dreaded law strikes at random but fortunately seldom manages to escalate problems to their critical mass…

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  • Dreamer

    Les boîtes noires qui parlent, un homme qui voit sa vie s’effondrer devant le monde entier, la France est aujourd’hui à l’honneur, ou plutôt, en déshonneur…

    Comment logged on 2011-5-16

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