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Slingshot to Kruger – The Map

Slingshot to Kruger – The Map

Due to popular request, I have created a map of the Kruger trip. You can zoom in using the navigation buttons top-left, and dragging with the mouse will move you around. Or even better, click here to open the map in a new browser tab,…

Coriolistic Anachronisms | Adirondack Tracks

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Adirondack Tracks

With eleven hours to kill, one’s rhythm slows down spectacularly when traveling by train to Montreal. Much time spent on the computer working, some reading, coffee, meals and lots of staring out the windows at hypnotic but ever-changing scenery.

Here are some more snapshots of yet another round trip on Amtrak’s Adirondack train, taken with the G10, grainy, often blurry, but moody as ever in the pale and yet strangely warm winter light. All taken from the train in motion. Marie’s echo is here.

Somewhere on Lake Champlain’s western shore
Hudson River, late afternoon

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