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Of a Day Long Gone, and Ever so Present

Of a Day Long Gone, and Ever so Present

Once in a while, blog posts become self-centric. I apologize. Writing a blog is often akin to talking out loud, to one’s self. The date was January 24th, 2008. “It was a lovely day of breaking the rules, of throwing preconceived ideas into the wind, of going…

Coriolistic Anachronisms | And Another Skin Bites the Dust…

Coriolistic Anachronisms


And Another Skin Bites the Dust…

It’s chronic. Seasons pass, the light evolves, routine becomes unbearable, and I change the blog’s look. Bear with me.

I had to shelve the major overhaul I had initially planned, as much work is still needed for a complete redesign and time is rare. Instead I tweaked the colours a bit to find balance between a dark template and a paler post background, allowing me to take advantage of CSS3’s awesomeness in the area of fonts and shadows…

It’s called Salt & Pepper. Hope you enjoy, and feedback is welcome as always.


  • dreamer

    We chronically love you and bear with you with all our hearts because whatever you do is cool, pertinent and up-to-date. Can’t complain !

    Comment logged on 2012-4-11
  • Carrie

    Hi Vince. Totally unrelated to this post – the new skin looks very fresh, by the way – but I have noticed you seem to be interested in space travel and I just wanted to be sure that you know to be on the lookout for the Shuttle Enterprise to be delivered to New York on Monday morning. I’m married to a “space geek” who sadly wasn’t here in DC for Discovery’s fly-by, because even I burst into tears as she made her steady circles around the city. I work for the Smithsonian and they gave us access to a building that looks straight down the National Mall, so I got loads of pictures of her passing all the iconic DC buildings. I’m not nearly as interested in space travel as my husband, but it was one of the most remarkable things I have seen, and I just wanted to be sure that you don’t miss the chance to see what my husband called “World’s Coolest Biplane” as she salutes New York. Enjoy!

    Comment logged on 2012-4-19
    • Vince

      Hi Carrie,

      That’s an incredible bummer, I’m going to be away on Monday!!! I didn’t even know she was landing in NYC. Oh well, thank you very much for the heads up. It is indeed the saddest thing to see the shuttles taken off orbit and grounded in a place where they will collect dust…

      Comment logged on 2012-4-19

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