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Random flashback 2:

Coffee Stains

I spilled my coffee all over myself this morning trying to avoid an iguana on the scooter. ‘ Bloody things have the right of way, you know. Oh well, I’m down one t-shirt. Life is a bleach and then you dye. ;-)

Coriolistic Anachronisms | Red Hook Colors

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Red Hook Colors

Venturing south from Cobble Hill, we soon reach another Brooklyn neighborhood that is changing furiously, probably not for the best. But it has until now retained enough strangeness, oddity, stunning views and calm isolation to remain an attractive walking destination.

This is a glimpse of what one sees in Red Hook, whether colorful or bleached by ocean fog.

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in thick fog
The Water taxi enroute to… Ikea
Ice cream truck hang out
The ocean isn’t far


  • Marie

    You know…we haven’t had a guilty meatball fix for a while :-)

    Comment logged on 2012-5-9
    • Vince

      Let’s fix that tonight, even though they won’t be Sweedish…

      Comment logged on 2012-5-9
  • dreamer

    I love it when you guys exchange comments on a post, probably from
    the living room to the bedroom… With Estorbo mewing for food forth and back. So family like… ;-)

    Comment logged on 2012-5-10
    • Vince

      Well, sometimes we might be as far as all the way across a river…

      Comment logged on 2012-5-14

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