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Random flashback 2:

Welcome to the Rock

Welcome to the Rock

This is a repost of a story first written on August 7, 2008. It has been split in two, revised and completed with pictures. It is now part of the new “Cayman” retrospective category, and second in a series called the Little Cayman Chronicles. This will be a…

Coriolistic Anachronisms | Glimpses of a South African Winter

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Glimpses of a South African Winter

A seasonal snapshot of soft days and cozy nights in Constantia

It was the chilly month of June, or wintertime in the southern hemisphere. The plane tree had stripped down to a bare minimum. Poppies were brought to the kitchen table. Flames danced at night in the fireplace. Blankets and sweaters were drawn.

And the terrace dinner table is an anachronism, at home on this blog. Winter nights being too cold to eat out, this was taken in January…


  • Dreamer

    For the first time I can see what you can see from the terrace. I’ve seen worse views… :-)

    Comment logged on 2014-4-5
  • Sigrid

    Quel jardin de rêve. Bugs? Tell me there are bugs at least.

    Comment logged on 2014-4-8
    • Vince

      Plenty ‘o bugs, darlin’. See the last two pictures here. The spider is just a little smaller than my fist…

      What, aren’t these bugs?

      Comment logged on 2014-4-8
  • Sigrid

    Snakes and spiders? ok, maybe not my dream garden after all.

    Comment logged on 2014-4-9

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