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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Photoblogs - 2/87 - Coriolistic Anachronisms

Coriolistic Anachronisms - Photoblogs


South African Flashes

Heteroclite collection of past trip shots and eternal memories

With Marie spending some well deserved time down in Cape Town’s peculiar winter, I am once again faced with a now familiar divergence of time and space. The short stories she tells me, the photos she posts, it all feels so vivid I could almost touch…

A Terrace in Harlem

Lush summer growth, heat bloom and a bumble bee's touch-and-go

While Marie is adrift through the antipodes, weathering a stiff Cape Town winter with sweaters and the glow of twin fireplaces, I have inherited the care of our Harlem terrace and been granted the rank of Master Waterhose Handler. I take my new responsibilities very…

Conflict on the Highline

One of New York's greatest success stories, the Highline is already suffocating between construction sites

Its construction having begun in 2006, the Highline is a city park built above street level on a re-purposed aerial train track. The idea came from a similar park in Paris which I have never seen. The use of otherwise abandoned and derelict space is…

Old Steel, New Looks

Gantry Plaza State Park, Queens

This a simple photo post, the images shot on a recent short trip to Queens via the East River Ferry. I was testing various techniques, among which long exposures and a new kind of HDR-like blending called “fusion”, promising but definitely not satisfactory yet. I…

Staten Island Touch and Go

A sixty mile round-trip commute from Harlem to the southern tip of New York State

Unfortunately, it appears that every Saturday or Sunday, at about the same time we decide we should go somewhere for fun and a change of scenery, eight million New Yorkers reach the same conclusion and scramble. I’m not sure how our intentions are leaked, maybe I should…