Globetrotting in Harlem

UPDATE: Funny how the most important factors manage to avoid detection. As Marie just pointed it out, referenced by my “Related Post” listing at the bottom of each entry and adding much depth and incredible karma to what follows, make sure when you’re done here to read a 2009 post about my first 21st century…

Invisible light – Part 2

2013 note: This entry was originally published exactly six years ago – July 27, 2007. This is an anniversary reprint. On that date, lightning struck and the greatest wheels were set in motion. Time stood still for only an instant and then leaped forward. The comments left referred to this post about HDR photography. History…

Five Wild Years

A little over five years ago, I happened to be up there, one of the loveliest places I know, with the loveliest person I know.

She said yes.

Need I say any more?

The top of Grouse Mountain, Vancouver BC
View of foggy Vancouver from the summit
Vancouver Island across the sound


With so very little time lately to write, shoot and post, I am left with glimpses of daily magic, fleeting and easily missed, unrecorded and rarely told…

Here is such a moment; I was lucky to have a camera handy.

Marie on our roof – Un apéritif au coucher de soleil