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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Always - 4/17 - Coriolistic Anachronisms

Coriolistic Anachronisms - Always


Thermal’s up, let’s catch a ride

No matter what dull drama stains our lives, no matter how dark a Mordor we seem to be painfully headed for, there always comes a light – be it a single fleeting ray through torn menacing clouds or a global, iridescent dome coating the world…

New York, Easter

It was the Easter week-end. I had to get up at 3:30 am to get to Brooklyn around 7:30 pm. Such is the life of budget travelers. When I arrived at YVR, Alaska Airlines’ computers were down. No ticketing, no check-in, no nothing. I waited…

A colour fever

For those of you who might hate the blog’s new color theme, rest assured that it was only the result of a high fever and much frustration over technicalities. However, I have restored the option for visitors to change the skin at will and placed…