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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Always

Coriolistic Anachronisms - Always


Free @ YVR

It’s 9:26 AM. Finally, Vancouver’s International Airport offers terminal-wide free Wi-Fi access. I’m sitting in the more modest Domestic Departure Terminal, gate B21. Westjet flight 506 is on time, bound for Montreal Trudeau International, aka good old Dorval airport. Even though I’m still in town…

Approaching D-Day

Once again – as I have felt it so many times before – time is up to its usual tricks, reminding me that it might well after all only exist inside my brain… It coils itself tightly like a threatened snake, slowing down to a…

Thermal’s up, let’s catch a ride

No matter what dull drama stains our lives, no matter how dark a Mordor we seem to be painfully headed for, there always comes a light – be it a single fleeting ray through torn menacing clouds or a global, iridescent dome coating the world…