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It’s such a wild, wild web. Taming it might not be possible, but I’ll report on it.

Waving SexyLightbox goodbye

Well, fame will have been short for the newcomer SexyLightbox. At 1:30 AM the same day, I have just decided that Shadowbox was stronger, more polished and better built.

Inspired by SexyLightbox’ rounded corners and colour schemes, I’ve adjusted Shadowbox to resemble it using CSS3′s new border-radius property. It’s a work in progress, but Shadowbox prevails…

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Introducing SexyLightbox slideshows

Starting with the previous post "Taming Coney Island" and on, all slideshows will be powered with the SexyLightbox script, replacing Shadowbox – at least temporarily. It’s not necessarily better but looks very slick and was worth a try since I am always on the hunt for new tools. Click on these links or the images below, have a look, and please don’t hesitate to leave feedback!

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Google Wave Invites Available!

My Google Wave invites have just been replenished. I’ve got a few to give away if you are interested. Just ask very nicely. A thoughtful comment would be nice. Or some barter exchange. A script. A piece of software. I don’t know. Surprise me.

Update 5: No more invites available for the time being, I’ll wait until the ones I sent have been activated, which hasn’t happened yet. I guess the latest wave (pardon the pun) of invites released to current users overwhelmed the team. Be patient, they will arrive…

On a different topic, I am now running Windows 7 and enjoying it very much so far.

Update 4: Still looking for a deal on Windows 7, 32 bit Home Premium… Any students out there not needing to upgrade or blessed with a Mac?

Update 3: Patience everyone, none of the invites I sent have been processed yet. As I said, it might take a few days. You’ll get an email from wave-noreply with the subject "Your invitation to preview Google Wave". Make sure to check your spam folder as some people have reported finding that email in the spam…

Update 2: Those of you who have already received my invite are welcome to drop me a wave for testing purposes…
vmounier ( a t ) googlewave ( d o t ) com

Update: Ok, invites are going fast, so I’m going to up the game a bit. I’d really like to upgrade my laptop to Windows 7. If anybody can get me a good deal, there’s still an invite waiting. ;-)

For lack investigating time, I can’t say I’ve played with Google Wave much since its limited release a few weeks ago. I would describe Wave as a fusion of email, chat, social networking and online cooperation tool. It retains Gmail’s famous conversation-based style and indeed, like Gmail years ago, it is being made available as a beta to a select crowd via an invite-led viral campaign.

I’m not much of social networking freak myself, so my testing of Wave will be aleatory. I wish it was somehow integrated with Gmail, which would in my eyes make it much more useful. Still, Google is storming the web with cloud applications and communications tools, and with Google Voice having just been launched and the Chrome OS soon to follow, one can be sure that Wave fits snugly into a grand scheme that would, and probably will, consecrate Google as the leading worldwide online player.

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Turn your faulty IE into Chrome with a simple plugin!

Everybody knows it: Internet Explorer sucks. It sucks mostly because even in its 8th version, it still isn’t standard-compliant. The other four major players in the browser field, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari, have synchronized their efforts and achieved a rather similar level of compliance. Web designers can target them globally and obtain very consistent results. But IE remains a mystery. No matter what, version after version, it just doesn’t manage to catch up with the pack. So a carefully designed web page looks beautiful – as intended – on most browsers but on IE, it’s likely to be ugly and/or broken.

But picture this: Google, in its rather obvious ongoing campaign to steal some of Microsoft’s monopoly and fame, has just released a very clever plugin called Google Chrome Frame. Once installed, the little beauty allows someone browsing the web with Internet Explorer to actually experience web pages as they would be seen on Google Chrome – meaning the right way. The plugin simply turns IE into a standard-compliant, nice-playing browser. Wow.

The Google Chrome Frame plugin simply turns IE into a standard-compliant, nice-playing browser.

The idea, to quote TechCrunch, is both hilarious and awesome. I find it quite satisfying to see most of the industry rallying against IE, because I am le tired of getting headaches trying to make my pages IE-compatible or of finding ways for them to degrade – never mind gracefully – decently. In this sense, Chrome Frame seems like a godsend. Drawbacks are likely to surface and the plugin will without a doubt have its share of detractors, but I think it’s a fantastic idea, even if only in its hilariousness.

From a designer’s point of view, going the Google Chrome Frame way is a two-step process: the addition of a simple meta tag is enough to make a page compatible, and then a slightly more complicated piece of code allows for browser detection and prompting the IE user to install the plugin.

Make no mistake about it, this is all in a very, very early development stage. As it has become customary with Google, the project was made available to the guinea pigs, I mean the developers, in order to leverage their time and speed up the gestation. But the newborn looks impressive and is sure to make many heads turn. It should be noted that Chrome Frame isn’t really a browser plugin but rather is installed – and thus eventually removed – like a program, to and from the Control Panel.

If you’d like to see it in action – provided you are indeed still running some version of Internet Explorer (my heart goes to you), you can go to my new sitemap and install the plugin. Because of its beta stage, Google Chrome Frame doesn’t yet seem to reload the page correctly once installed, so you’ll have to close and restart your IE browser. But at that point, what a difference. Notice for instance that suddenly, IE is rendering drop shadows and rounded corners correctly!

So the million dollar question is: who will install this? It can be argued that a good percentage of the people who are still using Internet Explorer do so because of an inherent fear of change, of the unknown, of computers and complicated installs. If switching over to Firefox is too intimidating, installing a plugin might still appear to be too much trouble and be skipped. Time will tell.

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The Tweetboard experiment

There’s a new kid on the blog. You will have noticed the green (or red) vertical tab, left of all things major – on the very edge of Coriolistic Anachronisms. It’s called Tweetboard and it’s a new widget that links to the blog’s Twitter account and allows, among other things, for visitors to leave threaded (or nested) messages, a feature blatantly lacking on Twitter itself.

The sweet little thing is still very much in alpha phase and being released on an invite basis, but seems worth a test run. I might keep it or I might not, since at first glance I can see it competing with the main entries for visitor comments. But as always, I like doing live trials and I’ll ditch whatever doesn’t suit me…

So if you are Twitter-equipped (Who isn’t nowadays? Nobody, I fear.) feel free to tweet back right in the window and watch your prose appear after a minute or so in forum-like threaded style.

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The movie Home is here but YouTube won’t let you embed it!

Update: The movie director’s message is simple. Yann Arthus-Bertrand says: "HOME has been made for you: share it! And act for the planet."

Yet in its infinite wisdom, YouTube, officially hosting it for the web, has managed to make embedding the movie impossible – at least for my location. What’s up with that? Morons!

I AM pissed off!

Now I’m going to skip YouTube and wait for a theatre show or a DVD. YouTube ruined the impact. And I’ll make sure to write to Arthus-Bertrand. Any way, in case you want to still go ahead and watch it on YouTube, set the player to HD if your connection speed allows, and if it really moves, try full screen

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