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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Web winks

Coriolistic Anachronisms - Web winks


Waving SexyLightbox goodbye

Well, fame will have been short for the newcomer SexyLightbox. At 1:30 AM the same day, I have just decided that Shadowbox was stronger, more polished and better built. Inspired by SexyLightbox’ rounded corners and colour schemes, I’ve adjusted Shadowbox to resemble it using CSS3’s…

Google Wave Invites Available!

My Google Wave invites have just been replenished. I’ve got a few to give away if you are interested. Just ask very nicely. A thoughtful comment would be nice. Or some barter exchange. A script. A piece of software. I don’t know. Surprise me. Update…

The Tweetboard experiment

There’s a new kid on the blog. You will have noticed the green (or red) vertical tab, left of all things major – on the very edge of Coriolistic Anachronisms. It’s called Tweetboard and it’s a new widget that links to the blog’s Twitter account…