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Coriolistic Anachronisms | New York - 10/41 - Coriolistic Anachronisms

Coriolistic Anachronisms - New York


Christmas Cat, Happy

Our cat happens to like wearing things. He mellows out and seems perfectly content. But I can’t figure out if he’s thinking: “Merry Christmas, peace on earth, good will to all creatures great and small,” or just “Pellets. Day-in, day-out.” Don Estorbo de la Bodega,…

Boreum Hill, Brooklyn

This was late fall, we were walking back from Prospect Park. Not all of Brooklyn has gentrified. Some neighborhoods remain sketchy. As always, a single block is enough for a full transition from stuck up, I eat organic and go to art shows civilization to I eat when and…

Thanksgiving, a Parade

I did not see it this year. The crowds don’t appeal much, and I was working from home. Still. There’s something outrageously grandiose about Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Below, one of Macy’s 2013 Christmas windows, portraying the parade. Hard to tell of course, but they are about 6 foot tall…