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Coriolistic Anachronisms | New York - 10/44 - Coriolistic Anachronisms

Coriolistic Anachronisms - New York


Kaleidoscopic City

Following subdued black and white (re)views of the Big Apple a few days ago, here are fragments of the same surreality, polychromatic this time, clichés impacted into one another by hues of modern design and the very sour stigma of time. This is 2013 and the…

Monochrome City

Here are a few glimpses of Manhattan and Jersey City caught this week-end on a small photo excursion. I was looking for a specific type of water foreground I did not find, it will have to be the Brooklyn Bridge Park next time. For now,…

Chinatown, Some Night

Adash from Brooklyn into Manhattan’s Chinatown proper, ignoring Queen’s Flushing and the southern Sunset Park areas, always seems to funnel us towards Dim Sum Go Go There we feast for a bargain, the famous XO sauce throning at the table like an old ally. The…

Austere Roosevelt Island

If you had a strange dream last night about visiting an island on which stood an old asylum, so dark looking and oddly shaped it belonged in a Jack Nicholson movie, and then walking over to a blinding white marble memorial where sharp lines and murmurs…