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Random flashback 2:

If there is light, let’s claim it back

Apart from the blog, the main web site logo now includes a motto. Inspired by the lyrics of the song Vote for Love by Tiamat, it obviously is to be taken from a photographic point of view. But I like the deeper meaning too…

Coriolistic Anachronisms | New York

Coriolistic Anachronisms - New York


Running Home

Battery Park to Harlem, one way

With a longer commute to Harlem, I find myself arriving home later than I am used to and often having run out of steam. Since steam doesn’t do me any good and an after-commute jog has become less practical than it was in Brooklyn where…

Exploring Harlem – A Walk to Central Park

This will be the first of a series of Harlem-related posts. Following our recent departure from Brooklyn and arrival in its antipodean Harlem, we have carried, lifted, unpacked, sorted, arranged, moved, attached, re-organized, sorted, cleaned, questioned, doubted and trialed our new surroundings. The process is…

Globetrotting in Harlem

Leaving Brooklyn's Cobble Hill fanciness for Harlem's progressive rehab

UPDATE: Funny how the most important factors manage to avoid detection. As Marie just pointed it out, referenced by my “Related Post” listing at the bottom of each entry and adding much depth and incredible karma to what follows, make sure when you’re done here…

New York Skyline, a Maritime View

Manhattan skyline images taken from the Hudson River, East River and New York Harbor

Water, however murky, is ever-present in New York City. I guess things could be much worse. Out for a cruise aboard the Hornblower Hybrid recently, I made the best of stormy weather and shot the city from a maritime point of view, the Big Apple’s…