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Random flashback 2:

Cloud computing and the file sharing puzzle

Cloud computing and the file sharing puzzle

The bottom line is this: when the time comes to send large files to someone out there, email has serious size and functionality limitations. But the cloud computing future is upon us and with it, multiple large-file sharing options have surfaced. The following is a…

Coriolistic Anachronisms | New York

Coriolistic Anachronisms - New York


Of Life and the City

New York, 2014 - A mild rant about urban challenges and mirages

This post was born as a brief reply to a reader’s very nice comment but I got carried away and wrote beyond the intended single paragraph. I hope – and expect – that I will take heat for it. Mine is a rather dark and…

Bronx, Debunked

Pelham Bay Park has lost some of its novelty but still manages to act like nature

Still a good hour north of us despite our Harlem incursion, Pelham Bay has also become a little more accessible. Surrounded by highways and Bronx suburbs, the park features a lot of tidal shoreline and some tick-prone thick woods. On our last visit, an encounter with…

Running Up That (Bull) Hill

Along the Hudson, near Cold Spring, the Washburn Trail leads into the Hudson Highlands State Park

It was early spring, and spring was late. We had set out in search of interesting plants in a place I had visited last year and posted about here and there. Hudson River The Hudson Highlands State Park is a mere hour north of Harlem by train,…