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Coriolistic Anachronisms | New York

Coriolistic Anachronisms - New York


Manhattan’s Left Side

A ferry ride up the East River from Brooklyn Bridge Park to 34th Street

Egyptians were well known for their profile art. They seemed to only be able to draw faces from a sideways perspective. We have found kings, gods, cats and everything in between, but only ever in their right or left incarnation. Never two eyes at a…

A Few Steps Above The Clutter

High above Harlem, the neighborhood of Columbia University yields cold vistas and old stones

On our last Saturday walk we aimed for a ridge that stretches along the northwestern side of Manhattan like a spine. It features Inwood Park at its northern tip, then the Cloisters and finally a section of the Upper West Side we had never really…

Wandering Across Times Square

Drifting through the crowds after work, thoughts heavy and burden in tow, like a shadow

There still isn’t much to say. Times Square is a flirt between good and evil, between science-fiction come true and the decadence of materialistic America. But mostly these days, walking around and staring at the giant displays, I get a sense of doom. As though…

Queen Mary 2 and Liberty

VIP perks - A visit to the bow before sailing

As I am working hard to bring the Print Shop section of VMP online, I have been browsing through thousands of pictures and occasionally find little gems that never seemed to have made it to the blog. This is one of them. I really like…


In latitudes, in scenery, in design and in colors

Ironically, after almost six years in New York City, I have only worked in two of the most iconic areas of the Five Boroughs. Until recently, I commuted daily to the Financial District in Lower Manhattan, right next to the NYSE and a half-a-block away…