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Random flashback 2:

Kirstenbosch Flowers

Kirstenbosch Flowers

These were taken last December, during a ritual visit to Kirstenbosch which is located just a stone’s throw away when we are at home in Constantia, South Africa. In the background, Table Mountain’s majestic cliffs. Pincushion

Coriolistic Anachronisms | On the road

Coriolistic Anachronisms - On the road


Slingshot to Kruger, Part 11 – Lion Roar on a Quiet Karoo Evening

Full circle through the years; we spend our last night in the park where the Lesotho trip had started.

Leaving the milk farm behind, we joined N1 and steered due south. Driving through Bloemfontein in daytime again, we did not see much more than we had before. Eventually, dry agricultural lands turned into plain dryness and the northern boundary of the Karoo was crossed…