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One morning in the woods – Part 4

One morning in the woods – Part 4
Coriolistic Anachronisms | Cool

Coriolistic Anachronisms - Cool


Vancouver Tourism Challenge 2006

These are fun, busy days. Yesterday saw a second Vancouver-Frenchie coffee-blog-turned-Indian-Food get-together. Steph and Fab told me all there is to know about the French blogging scene, and Lyon’s in particular. Good times! The Vancouver 2006 Tourism Challenge has officially started, so my next few…

Vancouver Graffiti ~

I‘ve posted a new Vancouver-related photo gallery, this time showcasing the work of others. It’s called Vancouver Graffiti and it aims at exploring another one of our city’s many faces. It will eventually be followed by a second gallery focusing on architectural styles, house and…

A bouillabaisse in Vancouver

Got together with Stéphanie and Fabienne (French expat’ blogger friends) yesterday at the awesome Trees Organic Coffee Shop for a fun chat. And I feel a duty to report on my subsequent bouillabaisse expedition. So it was Thursday night around 7:00 pm. The focus of…

Fantastic IMAX Deep Sea 3D

[Updated April 3rd, 2006] Did you ever wish you could visit the underwater world and explore the reef from the privileged point of view of its inhabitants? Well you can. Take a few days off the beach on your next vacation and learn to dive….

The Sisters of Mercy at the Commodore

It was Sunday night, the 26th of March. I could barely believe it, but after pinching myself twice I had to accept the puzzling fact that I was sitting on the mezzanine of Vancouver’s premiere venue, eagerly awaiting the start of the night’s event: the…

Away from the Ocean indeed

A new star is born :-) "If there are drawbacks to blogging, I’ll discover them as I go. My grand-mother published poetry. My mother wrote a book. My brother wrote a book. For all I know, my cat is recording his memoires. I feel the…