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• Question: Corio… what?

You might be thinking that the blog’s name is slightly bizarre. You are probably right. However, here’s the rationale behind it:

Anachronism: a person or a thing that is chronologically out of place (me).

Coriolis effect: the apparent deflection of a moving object that is a result of the earth’s rotation (to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere, as we all know).

Synthesis: a person that is chronologically out of place and apparently deflected off an initial trajectory. Or by extension, any blog entry posted by said person and thus exhibiting the same inherent characteristics.

Note: the Coriolis effect, as theories of Quantum physics do, supposes the presence of an observer. It is not an actual force and the object itself never deviates from its path through space. But the observer is standing on earth and gets fooled by the planet’s rotation. In other words, observers arrive with their own baggage and introduce their own flaw in the equation by believing what they see.

So blog readers ye be warned! Not all who wander are lost. Not all who seem to deviate, do.

Now, what’s with the “neophotography“? Well, classic photography was film-based and physical darkroom-bound. Neo-photography, the new photography, has broken free of these chains and gone digital, and hence, immaterial. It no longer can be defined by the properties of chemical agents, nor can its development be confined to a darkroom’s rigidity. Instead, a picture has become a collection of digital information pieces, bits of data, and as such can be dealt with anywhere, anytime. Software is the new chemical, and it allows for infinite freedom and creativity. As such, neophotography has transcended its ancestor and evolved into a much different art. More than ever, the photographer is a true artist and can create, rather than simply render.

• Question: I can’t find what I’m looking for using your search button on the right!

If that built-in WordPress search form will not yield the results you were hoping for, you might want to try a Custom Google Search that will search the entire blog more in-depth or this complete list of entries.

• Question: Anti-spam is blocking my comments – I’m having trouble posting comments to your posts. I get a message that the comments have been disabled for that entry. What should I do?

I apologize for any inconvenience, you are probably not doing anything wrong. My anti-spamming settings are pretty aggressive and might prevent immediate successive attempts at posting comment. If you made a mistake writing in the comment-prevention code, try again a little later and everything should be back to normal. And thanks for your patience!

Update: I have turned off the captchas for recent entries. This should solve most problems with leaving comments. Commenting to older entries might still trigger the captchas, in which case the above explanation applies.

• Question: What a great blog – How do you manage to make this blog so extraordinary entertaining?

Well, it’s a matter of absolute discipline, latent genius and geeky attributes. A minimum of 12,564,567,994,5 daily blog maintenance hours are required, in addition to actual post writing time. Coffee is a quintessential ingredient, and so is my camera. ;-)