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Capilano River

A late afternoon departure, hopping on the Seabus, catching bus #236 at Lonsdale Quay, a quick stop at the end of the line to investigate the condition of the Grouse Grind, and then back to the Capilano River for a few water shots… [The Capilano river just below the Salmon Hatchery] Similar posts: Capilano River…


Running to a Grinding Halt

It’s popular, and infamous. It’s in, hip and fashionable. It’s crowded. It’s steep. It’s mean. It’ll kill you if it can. It’s Vancouver’s baby. It’s the Grouse Grind. They’ve called it a “High-angle Social Club” and “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster”. The mountain trail‘s numbers are harsh. Bottom altitude: 300 m. Top altitude: 1100 m. Elevation gain:…