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Coriolistic Anachronisms – Recent Posts


And New York Paniqued

Eight million New Yorkers were deprived of their morning commute for less than a foot of sheer winter beauty

Well, as far as New York City is concerned, this was mostly media frenzy. I walked to work this morning, some nine kilometers on perfectly scraped sidewalks. The snow had stopped and apart from a few short gusts, an eerie lack of storm floated in…

And New York Panics

The NYC transit system shuts down at 11 pm tonight - horror, there are two inches of snow on our terrace!

Well, our new mayor having publicly added to the hysteria and almost wet his pants as he pretty much implied we were all going to die in the snow storm if we didn’t run for cover, the NYC public transit agency, the mighty MTA, is shutting…

Return to Cape Agulhas

South of all things African, there remains only ocean

For our most recent yearly trip to South Africa, I could only afford two weeks away from work. We decided to invest four days on a short road trip, a mini-adventure, to grieve, empty our minds and recharge mostly depleted batteries. The target was a minuscule place…

Bo-Kaap Colors and Sounds

Marie and I follow a street celebration through the urban kaleidoscope formally known as the Malay Quarters in Cape Town

It was close to departure. Time was running out. Deep into the complex systems of South African Airways, digits were flicking and a plane had been dispatched to fetch us (or so I like to think). It would arrive five days later. Time was recoiling on itself…

Aerial Thoughts, Lost in the View

Most of this was written above the Gulf of Guinea

A bump. Just a bit above the equator, we were skimming the coast of Liberia at thirty-eight thousand feet. It was a precocious two thirty in the morning, Cape Town time. Towering menacingly above our right wing, an enormous cumulonimbus was unleashing its brutal power and every…