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Coriolistic Anachronisms | Coriolistic Anachronisms – Recent Posts

Coriolistic Anachronisms – Recent Posts


Aerial View Of…

Can anyone identify this location?

Those of you with a certain nationality are automatically disqualified. The rest can play and guess what and where this structure is… Toy world I once more apologize for the relative silence around here. It reflects much noise off-camera and unrest to say the least. But smoother…

Inwood and Spuyten Duyvil Creek – 360 Degree Panorama

Full immersive 360 spherical view from the very northern end of Manhattan

A the very northern tip of our Manhattan Island sits Inwood Hill Park. A face-lifted and heavily reshaped Spuyten Duyvil Creek separates the island from continental Bronx. Across the narrow river arm, a giant “C” (For Columbia University, which is nowhere in sight but has…

New York City Sleeps

Memorial Day morning, 6 AM, corner of 6th Avenue and 34th Street

This is an eerie sight for a Monday morning. The party must have been harsh last night. Here is the view down 6th Avenue towards the south, Macy’s right behind me Not Shot With My iPhone 6 (but with my Samsung)

Deer Friends…

Not much happening these days on the blog, my apologies

These are slack times when it comes to blogging and photography. I am New York-saturated. Better days will come. For now, a single image of deer in Cold Spring a couple of weekends ago – there were seven or eight of them, a bit skittish…

Roosevelt Island – 360 Degree Panorama

Full immersive 360 spherical view from a corner of the Four Freedoms Park

Following the stills I posted this week of my last Roosevelt Island outing, here is a full spherical panorama shot near the new park. This was shot in HDR, or rather Exposure Fusion which is my new go-to HDR-like technique but does not involve tone mapping,…