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Ghosts of the past
February 8, 2006
Letter to a StrangerWhatever you do,Wherever you roam,Whoever you touch,However brief the smile,You’ll always leave a part of yourself behind,Since people, places and momentsGrow a memory of their own.Through the silent stroke of your presence,You keep changing my existence,By little or by much,Forever.I wrote the Letter to a Stranger a long time ago, for someone long forgotten; or maybe was it for no one in particular?Why do we spend so much time running away from our pa...
Across the Strait of Georgia
February 8, 2006
I miss the ocean. I miss the sound of waves out my window and the silent presence of an infinity of water at my back door. I miss the familiar vibration of a boat's hull slicing through calm seas, and the hum of engines, and the crackling of the radio. I miss looking up at the sky to anticipate nature's moods and outrun squalls. So I offered myself a boat ride. I hopped on the Tsawwassen - Swartz Bay ferry and went to Victoria. Dures extrémités où je me vois réduis....
"Les aventures d'un GO désorganisé" sur Google Book Search
February 3, 2006
Google is still constantly innovating. Not satisfied with being the number one search engine, they have launched many other projects and services, all of them as successful as the main Google is. Among these, their Gmail webmail which has become my one and only email, and the fantastic Google Earth providing worldwide satellite photo coverage through computer based software.One of the newcomers is Google Books. Google has undertaken the gargantuesque task of scanning books ...
Aerodynamics and life - Part 2
February 1, 2006
[Still rambling...] Stalling was relatively straightforward. Things were even, ample warning was given and our senses weren’t really that bothered. In comes the spin. Since in life things are rarely balanced, one wing is going to stall before the other. Angle of attack is probably high; we’re living slowly and climbing, pushing the envelope. Maybe we also try to change direction while fighting our way up. All of a sudden, one area of our life is going to spin out of...
The Digital Art gallery revamped
January 31, 2006
I had a few moments on my hands and started playing with old photos, wondering which ones would make good paintings. Here is the result. In most cases, I've tried to use photos that do not appear anywhere else in the photo galleries, but there are a few exceptions. As a reminder, these are all "digital paintings"; in other words they are photographs which have been turned into paintings through the use of a software filter and then hand-retouched with the help of ...
It's a dog's life
January 30, 2006
And so it's only logical that this year is the year of the dog. Dixit the Chinese calendar. The Chinese New Year parade was held yesterday January 29th through the streets of Chinatown. Bright colours and rainy day. ...
Temple of love
January 20, 2006
And the devil in black dress watches overMy guardian angel walks awayLife is short and love is always over in the morningBlack wind come carry me far away[Andrew Eldritch] ...
Of Aerodynamics and Life
January 19, 2006
Leonardo Da Vinci wrote "Once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." Recently thinking about this in the middle of the night, I found myself drifting towards strangely complicated horizons for a while and then suddenly, it all made sense. Through the mists of sleep, I ended up laying down a comparison of life with the principles of flight and aerodynamics. Here is what I recov...
Chinatown Shapes and Colours
January 3, 2006
An expedition to Vancouver's Chinatown, third biggest in North America, is always quite mesmerizing. Bright colours, bizarre shapes and aggressive odours take over, awaking your curiosity and overcoming your senses.These delicate looking peels are called "sea coconut". Their only resemblance with the fruit is visual, however, since they are really born in the sea and served as a soup.How do you like your seafood? Dried, or dried? Here mussels, shrimp and some unid...