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It's a dog's life
January 30, 2006
And so it's only logical that this year is the year of the dog. Dixit the Chinese calendar. The Chinese New Year parade was held yesterday January 29th through the streets of Chinatown. Bright colours and rainy day. ...
Temple of love
January 20, 2006
And the devil in black dress watches overMy guardian angel walks awayLife is short and love is always over in the morningBlack wind come carry me far away[Andrew Eldritch] ...
Of Aerodynamics and Life
January 19, 2006
Leonardo Da Vinci wrote "Once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." Recently thinking about this in the middle of the night, I found myself drifting towards strangely complicated horizons for a while and then suddenly, it all made sense. Through the mists of sleep, I ended up laying down a comparison of life with the principles of flight and aerodynamics. Here is what I recov...
Chinatown Shapes and Colours
January 3, 2006
An expedition to Vancouver's Chinatown, third biggest in North America, is always quite mesmerizing. Bright colours, bizarre shapes and aggressive odours take over, awaking your curiosity and overcoming your senses.These delicate looking peels are called "sea coconut". Their only resemblance with the fruit is visual, however, since they are really born in the sea and served as a soup.How do you like your seafood? Dried, or dried? Here mussels, shrimp and some unid...
Happy new year to everyone!
January 1, 2006
2006 is here. Paix sur la Terre aux hommes de bonne volonté.After much trouble and little sleep, the web site is back up and the blog should become alive again pretty soon; I will try to post new pictures of Vancouver on a regular basis. ...
Water everywhere
December 20, 2005
No matter where you look, however far your exploration takes you, water remains. It seems to stabilize the scenery, bringing peace and harmony to urban areas as well as the most deserted corners of the coast line. The Yaletown neighbourhood seen from Granville Island Horseshoe Bay Harbour The Nanaimo Ferry leaves Horseshoe Bay...
The Golden Hour
December 19, 2005
Granted, Vancouver in the winter gets her share of clouds and dull skies. But there are still sunny days of pure beauty and on those days, because of the sun's low path in the sky, the golden hour lasts an eternity... ...
The colors of a city
December 14, 2005
No matter what time of the day, Vancouver shines. The first two shots were taken from the convenient front window of the Skytrain while I let my hand follow the ride loosely... ...
Boats in the Fog - Burrard Inlet
December 12, 2005
I will soon be putting a new Vancouver photo gallery online. Until then, I'll post glimpses and previews of the ongoing work here, on the blog.Today Sunday, the fog rolled in and downtown Vancouver became but a ghostly imitation of itself. Sounds were muffled and colors dulled, but in the end the sun prevailed and managed to wash the high peaks above the city in a glowing orange salute.The next few posts will depict the scene, once a day beginning now, noblesse oblige, with...