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Apologies For The Messy Look In Here

I broke my last theme and will have to redo everything in here. Content remains unchanged but may be harder to find. I apologize for the inconvenience and promise to sort it all out as soon as possible.

The Soaring Fool Looks Skyward Again

Circumstances and life unfitting, it has been years since I flew my paraglider regularly. Oddly enough, it was my time in Little Cayman almost two decades ago that best allowed the escape freedom required to travel and fly. While the “rock” as we called our island was fever-inducing, the lifestyle was forgiving and I managed multiple […]

Language, My Loud Friend

It is a precocious, chilly morning and the doors of my Manhattan-bound F train open unto a few vacant seats. I have selected the forward-most car but going into town before dawn, conspicuously free seats often have just been used as a warm and relatively safe bed by homeless wanderers and that open space is […]

The Road to Mokala, Part 5 – Bush Run

While Vancouver was blessed with the most spectacular playground a runner might ever dream of, South Africa has also delivered memorable—and at times challenging—trail runs. Whether it was running into the sunset on a deserted Mpumalanga hill, up and down Table Mountain the long, arduous way, or through the entire length of the Cape of Good Hope, […]

Ballpoint Pen Up Close

While procrastinating about the last installment of the Road to Mokala series, I began wondering if my inkwell had dried. One thing lead to another and I ended up examining the situation through a makeshift macro lens. Here is the result. Disclaimer, I did not clean the pen before this shoot, I just picked it […]

A Decade Passed, Long Live the Decade!

It was a lovely day of breaking the rules, of throwing preconceived ideas into the wind, of going back to the source, of shaving the unnecessary, of looking deep inside instead of out, of holding a single hand rather than many, of spending time with angels, of walking barefoot when shoes are in order, of […]

The Road to Mokala, Part 4 – Vermilion, Ochre and Gold

Squarely sitting off the beaten track, Mokala National Park is remote enough that a lengthy dirt road approach would be required. Our paper map and Google’s insights seemingly as prone to disagreement in second class areas of the Third World as the political factions that divide them, we hesitated and finally gambled on an early […]

The Road to Mokala, Part 3 – Of Elephants and Mousebirds

A couple of eventful years ago, after driving up the spine of South Africa while wearily watching the glow of a lit t-belt light, our initial reward upon entering Kruger through the Orpen gate had been elephants, my first encounter with them in the wild. From neurotic mud-covered attractions swaying at the far corner of […]

The Road to Mokala, Part 2 – Ride of the Tsitsikamma Dolphins

Dutifully purring her way up Sir Lowry’s Pass on Cape Town’s eastern flank with the Hottentot-Hollands peaks rising above us like unbelieving eyebrows, our beloved Landcruiser Mogashagasha, locked and loaded for a week-long foray far into the Northern Cape, felt about as comfortable to me as the proverbial saddle we were back in. Vinyl might […]

The Road to Mokala, Part 1 – Sahara Below

Almost twenty years ago, an old man, aged beyond reason by a systematic abuse of smoking, alcohol and anger, burst into tears one day at the memory of travels it turns out he regretted as much as he missed them. He had been at peace in Tahiti, in love in Mexico and had fought in […]