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Of daylight and shadows
February 19, 2005
)arrow Sometimes I feel like Gollum, forever fleeing the burning brightness of the Sun. We endlessly seek its heat only to find our skin aging, our eyes blinded and shadows flattened.There's no wors...
Wind of change
February 11, 2005
I've felt it before. It comes out of nowhere and wants to take you back there. At times it makes you sweat, but then it chills you to the bones. No way to sail along with it for it is unpredictable an...
The darkest hour
February 8, 2005
It comes just before dawn, so long after the light once disappeared it seems as if darkness will never end. The air is cold and brisk and hard. My eyes are unseeing and I walk like a blind man, arms e...
Photo morphing
January 29, 2005
Earlier thoughts of mercury generated this new little toy: I've created a slideshow with the best images throughout the site, in a morphing sequence. No new content, it's basically an experimental too...
Slow start to a slow day
January 29, 2005
)arrow Up at dawn this morning, with a serious hang over and an even more serious mug of coffee, I set out to clean up the mess I left behind me yesterday. I had forgotten Banana Wind at the dock, r...