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Coriolistic Anachronisms | A photography blog oscillating between New York, Vancouver and Cape Town, gathering HDR photos and jotting notes along the way

Coriolistic Anachronisms


New skin for Vincent Mounier Photography!

The first of a three-stage release towards the new white minimalist look and feel

Leading the way towards a new white minimalist skin, the main photo website is now live in its new livery. The new back-end  there is going to allow me to update these galleries much more regularly to reflect the best of this blog’s content. Soon,…


In latitudes, in scenery, in design and in colors

Ironically, after almost six years in New York City, I have only worked in two of the most iconic areas of the Five Boroughs. Until recently, I commuted daily to the Financial District in Lower Manhattan, right next to the NYSE and a half-a-block away…

Cape Point Blank – Part 2

A two-part short story of drives to the Cape Peninsula

[This part 2 of 2] They did come back in an African summer that was their winter. While New York shrank and shivered in a cold early December, they flew south again and landed smack in the middle of beauty. That second of many visits…

Cape Point Blank – Part 1

A two-part short story of drives to the Cape Peninsula

Strong of a picnic, four cameras, a SANParks family pass, some time to kill and much freedom to spend, they left the plush Constantia neighborhood under hesitant weather, steering away from Cape Town and towards the Cape of Good Hope. It was wintertime in South…

Silvermine, Table Mountain National Park

Snapshots from a couple of Cape Town hikes in opposite seasons

We’ve been there many times, and if you have been reading this blog for a while, so have you. You will find more images of it in Silvermine on my Mind, A Hike over Muizenberg, South African Flowers and Views of the Cape Peninsula… Silvermine is a…