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The Fine Print

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Coriolistic Anachronisms | A photography blog oscillating between New York, Vancouver and Cape Town, gathering HDR photos and jotting notes along the way

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Manhattan’s Left Side

A ferry ride up the East River from Brooklyn Bridge Park to 34th Street

Egyptians were well known for their profile art. They seemed to only be able to draw faces from a sideways perspective. We have found kings, gods, cats and everything in between, but only ever in their right or left incarnation. Never two eyes at a…

Happy Days!

A funky lunch with chef Bruce Robertson in his own home, the Boat House, Scarborough, South Africa

Update: Bruce passed away seven months after I wrote this. RIP Chef Robertson. Scarborough is a tiny outpost on the Atlantic Coast, beyond Misty Cliffs, south of Cape Town. A three-way stop sign, a few houses, a long deserted beech and plush fynbos on the…

The Print Shop is Live!

Fancy a fine art print from these pages? Read on.

I have announced it multiple times, retracted it because of technical issues, have kept talking about it… Well all things come in due time. The shop is now live! A carefully curated collection of photographs from Vincent Mounier Photography galleries as well as from this…

Glimpses of a South African Winter

A seasonal snapshot of soft days and cozy nights in Constantia

It was the chilly month of June, or wintertime in the southern hemisphere. The plane tree had stripped down to a bare minimum. Poppies were brought to the kitchen table. Flames danced at night in the fireplace. Blankets and sweaters were drawn. And the terrace…

Once Upon a Time, le Club

Twenty-two years ago, I was sailing around the globe aboard Club Med 1 and 2

For four years, I bounced from one tropical location to the next, tanned as a chocolate bar and barely drying up between dives. Two of those years were spent aboard the Club’s sister sailing ships, Club Med 1 and Club Med 2, largest sailing vessels…