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Coriolistic Anachronisms | A photography blog oscillating between New York, Vancouver and Cape Town, gathering HDR photos and jotting notes along the way

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Bronx, Debunked

Pelham Bay Park has lost some of its novelty but still manages to act like nature

Still a good hour north of us despite our Harlem incursion, Pelham Bay has also become a little more accessible. Surrounded by highways and Bronx suburbs, the park features a lot of tidal shoreline and some tick-prone thick woods. On our last visit, an encounter with…

Running Up That (Bull) Hill

Along the Hudson, near Cold Spring, the Washburn Trail leads into the Hudson Highlands State Park

It was early spring, and spring was late. We had set out in search of interesting plants in a place I had visited last year and posted about here and there. Hudson River The Hudson Highlands State Park is a mere hour north of Harlem by train,…

Going once, going twice…

Sold! The white skin goes live. Welcome to the new blog!

ruth be told, there was only so much I could tweak while the old dark look remained active, so I have now pulled the curtain up on the new white skin. Much remains to be adjusted, but in an almost agile development style – even though I…

A Light Skin for Spring

Soon to come, a white dress for this blog to match the VMP redesign

Like Gandalf long before it, Coriolistic Anachronisms is currently shedding its dark cloak and will soon emerge purified and dressed in white. I have always preferred a dark theme for photography which it seems to highlight well. However this blog is at least half text…

Manhattan’s Left Side

A ferry ride up the East River from Brooklyn Bridge Park to 34th Street

Egyptians were well known for their profile art. They seemed to only be able to draw faces from a sideways perspective. We have found kings, gods, cats and everything in between, but only ever in their right or left incarnation. Never two eyes at a…

Happy Days!

A funky lunch with chef Bruce Robertson in his own home, the Boat House, Scarborough, South Africa

Update: Bruce passed away seven months after I wrote this. RIP Chef Robertson. Scarborough is a tiny outpost on the Atlantic Coast, beyond Misty Cliffs, south of Cape Town. A three-way stop sign, a few houses, a long deserted beech and plush fynbos on the…