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A Doctor Called Avalanche
May 13, 2013
I like telling stories. Fiction is always fun, but I seem to tell best what I have seen with my own eyes. Stories then become autobiographical to some degree, and as always when using the word "I", ar...
Monochrome Games
April 28, 2013
Having fun these days with black & white, long exposures and everything in between. The bottom shot is a 5:30 minute long exposure. Notice how the pilings' shadows appear beautifully drawn once ...
Kaleidoscopic City
April 2, 2013
Following subdued black and white (re)views of the Big Apple a few days ago, here are fragments of the same surreality, polychromatic this time, clichés impacted into one another by hues of modern d...
Monochrome City
March 31, 2013
Here are a few glimpses of Manhattan and Jersey City caught this week-end on a small photo excursion. I was looking for a specific type of water foreground I did not find, it will have to be the Br...