Biking to Eagle Harbor

The ride there was fun despite a slight detour into the – very – hilly residential area of West Van’. The PDF cycling routes map showed a designated route leading north into the quiet neighborhoods of Bayridge and Cypress Park instead of following the busy Marine Dr., so I went for it. Only too late…


Away from the Ocean indeed

A new star is born :-) "If there are drawbacks to blogging, I’ll discover them as I go. My grand-mother published poetry. My mother wrote a book. My brother wrote a book. For all I know, my cat is recording his memoires. I feel the pressure. I’ll write a blog." [From On Blogging, Away from…


Capilano River – Part 2

[The Lions, only summits of the Vancouver area above the tree line, gave their name to the Lions Gate bridge and the local football team…] [Capilano Lake with the Grouse Mountain cable car pylons on the right] Similar posts: Capilano River A bridge over the Fraser River Bridge Over The River Hudson River Cafe, Brooklyn…


Capilano River

A late afternoon departure, hopping on the Seabus, catching bus #236 at Lonsdale Quay, a quick stop at the end of the line to investigate the condition of the Grouse Grind, and then back to the Capilano River for a few water shots… [The Capilano river just below the Salmon Hatchery] Similar posts: Capilano River…


Complicated Vancouver

Writing from a table by a large window in the Lonsdale Quay Market, I can’t help but to ponder, once more, Vancouver’s strange magic.

The sun is slowly setting across the Burrard Inlet, turning North Vancouver into an orange mosaic. Red and white tug boats are tied up to a dock next to me, patiently awaiting their turn to take part in the port’s never-ending ballet. The Seabuses come and go endlessly, clockwork timing and total efficiency.

Vancouver is made of extremes and contradictions. Maybe it is her high contrasts that make her so fascinating and completely addictive.

Where else can one find, in one package deal, the richest and the poorest neighborhoods of an entire country, an extremely densely populated urban core of high-rises surrounded by the sea and framed by snowcapped mountains, and sixty-eight recorded ethnicities cohabitating in a swirling, ever changing playground?