Good old Citroën

Here’s a funny commercial for the new Citroën C4, using urban Vancouver scenery. It is filmed from the top of the post office building and clearly visible in the background are the north shore mountains, the BC Hydro building, the Holy Rosary Cathedral and… the Harbour Centre tower. Citroën is a FRENCH company. Througout their…


La charue avant les boeufs

Today a cover caught my attention in a bookstore window. It read something like "The top 100 world wonders to see before you die". Right next to it, another one said "1000 places to visit before you die". I winked, rubbed my eyes and looked again. They were still there. I couldn’t believe it. I‘ll…


Fate as a tree

"No fate", carved Sarah Connor unconsciously on a piece of wood in Terminator 2. It might be a cheesy classic to quote from, but it sure addresses one of the biggest issues in life.

No fate but what we make for ourselves. Here’s quite an empowering statement that gives purpose to our life, but it’s at the same time a huge responsibility to be carrying forever on our simple shoulders. The wake up call might be rough and blaming it on ourselves when the walls come tumbling down around us is not the easiest thing to do. How much more convenient then to blame it on fate or God, and to downplay our role to that of willing puppets.

But what if both sides of the coin were actually combined into a more universal theory? What if fate was a real factor in our lives, and yet could be manipulated any way we see fit?

We’d have the best of both worlds. An infinitely powerful giant hand to guide us and lead us towards our destiny, and then also a small remote control hidden in our pocket that would allow us total control over the mighty hand. Free will combining with fate, interacting with it. Out of awareness and sometimes unconventional choices, we’d be able to alter the course of what seems to be written for us. That, in the end, might be the only real wisdom there is.

To sum it up, as it was said: "Have the strength to change the things you can change, the patience to endure the things you can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference."

But for all this to work, one more element must be defined a little better; that’s the apparent conflict of chaos and chance vs. probability.

In comes my theory of "Fate as a tree".


Nothing at all

Sitting deep inside the Trees café on Granville, with a warm smoking coffee next to the computer, it’s almost possible to forget there is a world out there. The music is soothing, people are talking quietly and the espresso machine whistles away. I let thoughts run through my head randomly and write as they do.…


Up in the mountains

Yesterday Friday, Vancouverites were granted with yet another one of those perfect crystal clear days; bright sunshine, crisp cool air and blue skies forever. May all those who criticized the local winters be silenced once and for all. So I hopped on a funky shuttle intending to verify the cheesy saying that you "see more"…