Vancouver by Night – Part 1

After almost two months of record-setting rainfalls, the sun has finally reappeared and granted us with a few magnificent days – and nights. Similar posts: Vancouver by Night – Part 2 Movie night in Vancouver – Lord of War Groving in Aldergrove, the Greater Vancouver Zoo ~ Human tide at the Richmond Night Market A…


Ghosts of the past

Letter to a Stranger Whatever you do,Wherever you roam,Whoever you touch,However brief the smile,You’ll always leave a part of yourself behind,Since people, places and momentsGrow a memory of their own. Through the silent stroke of your presence,You keep changing my existence,By little or by much,Forever. I wrote the Letter to a Stranger a long time…


Aerodynamics and life – Part 2

[Still rambling…]

Stalling was relatively straightforward. Things were even, ample warning was given and our senses weren’t really that bothered.

In comes the spin. Since in life things are rarely balanced, one wing is going to stall before the other. Angle of attack is probably high; we’re living slowly and climbing, pushing the envelope. Maybe we also try to change direction while fighting our way up. All of a sudden, one area of our life is going to spin out of control while the others are still generating lift, thus causing great imbalance in the Force and ultimately leading to the Dark Side. Chaos.

As previously mentioned, the wing that stops flying, falls. The other one, however, tends to keep a sound aerodynamic profile a little while longer and tries to keep the plane in the air. But the lift generated is massively concentrated on one side and suddenly the plane wants to rotate around its vertical axis as the flying wing attempts to fly around the falling one.

Our life plunges into a downward corkscrew motion, everything becomes blurry and our normal references are lost.