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Coriolistic Anachronisms | A photography blog oscillating between New York, Vancouver and Cape Town, gathering HDR photos and jotting notes along the way

Coriolistic Anachronisms


Five Wild Years

A little over five years ago, I happened to be up there, one of the loveliest places I know, with the loveliest person I know. She said yes. Need I say any more? The top of Grouse Mountain, Vancouver BC View of foggy Vancouver from…

New Skin – Update

These have been a busy few days and the new skin is about ready but needs fine-tuning. There are also a few more South Africa picture posts in the making, including a smooth night in Paternoster that more than made up for the white night…

New Skin

It’s chronic, this blog undergoes plastic surgery every once in a while. As the surgeon – yours truly – uses his mighty scalpel, you will probably notice visual discrepancies on the blog layout. The operation should not affect the post themselves, so content will remain….