Geoloc summary

)arrow Our world is a small place! The internet has definitely erased borders and shrunk distances. Here is a summary of the international visits this web site has received since the Geoloc feature was implemented:

(Let’s keep in mind that every time I log in for maintenance and posts, I register a hit which most of the time shows me as being in the States, for some weird reason, hence the much higher count for that country)

United States – 1332
Canada – 188
Cayman Islands – 167
France – 19
UK – 17
Spain – 17


Point of no return

)arrow Suddenly there is no going back, no way out, you’re committed. It’s the moment when bridges collapse behind you, when doors are slammed and silently locked. The shores you left behind are but a memory, having faded in the haze, out of sight and out of mind. Each new step carries the entire weight…


Living the questions

)arrow Here’s a wonderful text that was sent to me by a friend. It echoes my opinion that the destination isn’t so important, it’s the ride that counts. Thanks Julie! )oquote … I would like to beg you, … to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions…


Choosing a new blog name

)arrow I’ll make this a sticky post for a while, not having received enough opinions about the supremely essential issue of this blog’s name. I’m considering renaming this fine piece of unnecessary litterature from The Portal to either Godspeed (see a few entries below) or the newcomer The Chronicles of Vinnick, which hopefully sounds so…