A Fistful of Pixels

Well, since I finished my last post on these very words, I could not resist the title above – and it has actually inspired a series. For now, seemingly random images, anarchic pixels. I recently spent some time in the Flatiron district after work, going to a happy hour-slash-billiard, of which I might or might…


A Doctor Called Avalanche

I like telling stories. Fiction is always fun, but I seem to tell best what I have seen with my own eyes. Stories then become autobiographical to some degree, and as always when using the word “I”, arises the fear I might sound like someone trying to tell others about a dream they had: nobody…


Surprise in the Bronx

While Marie has been involved with the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, first volunteering and most recently teaching foraging classes, she had never yet visited the New York Botanical Garden. And as for me, I can barely spell the word garden. So a few weekends ago, feeling adventurous and wondering how it was possible for us to…


Monochrome Games

Having fun these days with black & white, long exposures and everything in between. The bottom shot is a 5:30 minute long exposure. Notice how the pilings’ shadows appear beautifully drawn once the motion of water has been neutralized.

Midtown and George Washington Bridge seen from New Jersey’s Palissades
Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park