New York Shores

Here is another update to, this time the NYC Shores slideshow. The main New York gallery is available here.

Sunset, Nailed

A few days ago, I climbed up to the rooftop to shoot a (full) moon-rise. However just out the hatch, it was not the East that grabbed my attention, but unexpectedly, the West. A magnificent sinking sun was plunging through haze and lit up with the internal glow of hot coals on a braai. Perfect timing…


Sea Birds

These were not your typical birdwatcher’s delight. I did spot a couple of kingfisher and a night heron, but truly, it was the swans and the cormorants that shone by their presence and instinct for creating photo op’s. Swans, in my mind, are fresh water birds. But the fact is they live in salt water too and here, they…