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Coriolistic Anachronisms | A photography blog oscillating between New York, Vancouver and Cape Town, gathering HDR photos and jotting notes along the way

Coriolistic Anachronisms


We Run

For various reasons, illustrated with Hudson River snapshots

Some run to win, others not to lose. Some run to look, others to be seen. I’ve seen many run because of looks. They are trying to be winners. I just run, I reckon. It runs in my blood. Running intrepidly by the museum It’s…

Fall Was Straggling, Summer Had Gone

What if your weekend outing to the Delaware Water Gap yielded mixed results and ended in dreadful traffic?

The Zipcar is dirty. Again. Its seats are stained and you sit down uneasily. The windshield reluctantly shows you the world through a slightly foggy film embedded with fingerprints, the ghost of multiple GPS-mount suction bites, and nicotine. But behind you is a full load…

Personae Non Grata

Little Cayman Chronicles, Part 5 - Cuban refugees are sent back out to sea after landing in Little Cayman

This post is part of the new “Cayman” retrospective category, and fifth in a series called the Little Cayman Chronicles. The previous part is here. The photos were taken with a 4-megapixel point-and-shoot as JPEG’s. (Or jump to part 1-2-3-4-5) Back in 2002, or maybe 2003, I had…

Hummingbird, the Sequel

Another sighting - still presumebly a ruby-throated young or female - this time at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park

Marie saw two of them in territorial fights on Saturday, I found one on Sunday, and by the time we were picnicking in the garden on Monday after work, on a strangely dull and almost milky late-afternoon, the hummingbirds appeared to have abandoned New York City in…

Running Around Harlem

A bit unusual, this route features two rivers and a mix of crowds and solitude

I recently went for a Sunday run around the northern tip of Manhattan. Summer was coming to an end and people were out and about, determined to suck every last bit of marrow out of life. Aiming for a fifteen-kilometer route that took me straight…

Hummin’ Harlem

A hummingbird pays us an unlikely visit in the City of cities

When I came home last night after running back from work, I rang the buzzer but got no answer. Surprised, I let myself in and found the apartment deserted. Assuming Marie would be on the terrace and torn between a childish desire to surprise her…