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The Fine Print

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Vincent Mounier
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Coriolistic Anachronisms | A photography blog oscillating between New York, Vancouver and Cape Town, gathering HDR photos and jotting notes along the way

Coriolistic Anachronisms


The Print Shop is Live!

Fancy a fine art print from these pages? Read on.

I have announced it multiple times, retracted it because of technical issues, have kept talking about it… Well all things come in due time. The shop is now live! A carefully curated collection of photographs from Vincent Mounier Photography galleries as well as from this…

Glimpses of a South African Winter

A seasonal snapshot of soft days and cozy nights in Constantia

It was the chilly month of June, or wintertime in the southern hemisphere. The plane tree had stripped down to a bare minimum. Poppies were brought to the kitchen table. Flames danced at night in the fireplace. Blankets and sweaters were drawn. And the terrace…

Once Upon a Time, le Club

Twenty-two years ago, I was sailing around the globe aboard Club Med 1 and 2

For four years, I bounced from one tropical location to the next, tanned as a chocolate bar and barely drying up between dives. Two of those years were spent aboard the Club’s sister sailing ships, Club Med 1 and Club Med 2, largest sailing vessels…

A Few Steps Above The Clutter

High above Harlem, the neighborhood of Columbia University yields cold vistas and old stones

On our last Saturday walk we aimed for a ridge that stretches along the northwestern side of Manhattan like a spine. It features Inwood Park at its northern tip, then the Cloisters and finally a section of the Upper West Side we had never really…

Wandering Across Times Square

Drifting through the crowds after work, thoughts heavy and burden in tow, like a shadow

There still isn’t much to say. Times Square is a flirt between good and evil, between science-fiction come true and the decadence of materialistic America. But mostly these days, walking around and staring at the giant displays, I get a sense of doom. As though…