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Taming Coney Island
November 20, 2009
There's no way around it, the place is a zoo. Too close to the city to be off limits yet far enough to yield a vague disorientation, Coney Island is the closest ocean-front beach as the famous crow fl...
A weird trick
November 16, 2009
New York, as it turns out, is plagued with late season-blooming mosquitoes. As the temperature rose yesterday to 18°C and is now hovering around 15°C, the little bastards manage to rise again and ag...
QRN sur Bretzelburg
November 15, 2009
I know I'm not posting much these days. It's just that, there's that thing. It's sneaky. It comes in stealthily and creeps into daily momentum, coating all things great with a fuzzy interference blank...