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An A for (Macro) Effort
May 17, 2009
Up at 4:15 AM this morning again, I headed for Stanley Park long before sunrise - only to find out the wind was blowing 5 or 10 km/h over Lost Lagoon. How ironic! Went I'm not waiting for the wind to ...
Kalk Bay, South Africa
May 13, 2009
This quaint little fishing town on the inside of the Cape Peninsula is home to the Almighty Harbour House restaurant, the more modest Olympia Cafe and its fantastic - if rare - polenta, and a small li...
Home page revamped
May 12, 2009
Well, if one didn't get the message before, visiting the home page now will definitely convince even the most stubborn mind that this place is about photography. I've overlaid more Flash on top of the...