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Carpe Diem, when I can
June 23, 2008
Sometimes, unaware, I catch myself complaining. It happened to me last night as I’d gone out to shoot the sunset. I was missing my bokkie. A stubborn layer of clouds was obstructing MY horizon and...
June 19, 2008
Despite being dead tired I can’t sleep so I might as well write maybe my fingers will get sleepy and drag the rest of me to bed today I learned that medicine has a name for that annoying feeling p...
June 5, 2008
This blog is taking four days off while East meets West, and vice versa. Sonnez haubois résonnez musettes... :-)...
Animal Story
June 2, 2008
Part 1 - The Canadian Geese"Hi. I'm papa-goose, the Canadian Goose. They call me papa-goose. Duh. This is my family, there, on the grass. Yes, it's pretty good size. Now tell me true... er, hold on a ...
Bagna Cauda
June 2, 2008
Well, it was a first attempt. To be picky, I must say I don't like the way the oil seems to have separated a touch from the content, but that might be because I took too long taking the picture when I...