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Internal Debate
May 16, 2008
This is funny if you are just a touch geeky, so I'm actually reprinting it all integrally. Sorry, the source had rather questionable taste, so I won't quote it. Mea culpa, but hey... It was found on...
Culinarily thinking
May 14, 2008
Or better said, thinking with my stomach. Since it seems to be politically correct to do so, here are two of my recent crushes. First, there's the mighty So.Cial sandwich, 2 minutes from work. You p...
24 hours
May 7, 2008
A few days ago, after working an entire night up in the Vancouver skies, I walked home around 4:00 am, following the madness south on Granville Street as clubbers were pouring out into the chilly mo...