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I B.L.O.G.
May 1, 2007
The true meaning of blogging had been eluding me for quite a while, now, Mr. Anderson. In one life, a blogger works for a respectable company, has a social security number, pays his taxes and helps ...
April 28, 2007
Walking a thin grayed line, a blunt razor’s edge posing no real threat, he stands with one foot in the sun and the other lost in the deep shadows of relentless darkness. Life unfolds before his wear...
Glimpses of spring
April 20, 2007
Spring came in through the back door this year, silently and without glamour. I never went on long flower shoot excursions and Abe was content taking these pictures a few streets from home. Still, the...
Farewell to a friend
April 11, 2007
Today, while I was happily driving my rental boat around the waters of Howe Sound, watching the sleepy seals and sea lions, others were getting terrible news. Then my phone rang. I am so speechless ...
The sun sets
April 10, 2007
I was Lying in a den in English Bay With a slack jaw, and not much to say... So I went for a long walk and I sat right where the ocean touches the sky with fingers of salt and whispers of eternity....