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We deal in memories
March 5, 2007
It could be said that tourism is based on a combination of factors such as efficient advertising, convenient transportation, a hospitality infrastructure, local attractions, interesting geography an...
The meaning of life
February 25, 2007
Everything in life seems to be a matter of perspective. Things are different seen from above, from below or from the inside. From before and from after. Bird's eye, fisheye, eye level, eyes closed. ...
February 12, 2007
What do I do when I miss the underwater realm so much it becomes almost painful? I take a walk to the Vancouver Aquarium, of course. I visit fishes (sic) in cages to forget I live in one. It's a sad v...
February 11, 2007
This is my new playground, my front backyard. Out for a quick walk at sunset, I strolled along a beach exposed by very low tides. Right across from home is a lonely stone sculpture guarding the bay ...
The other side of me
February 9, 2007
My good friend Silvia is traveling through the Peruvian jungle right now and since this is the 21st century, she manages to send some pictures regularly to tease us - sigh. What must have been her s...