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Urban transparency ~
July 9, 2006
1500 meters above sea level. 20 km from Vancouver. 360 degrees of unobstructed magnificent view. I was sitting up high on a ridge next to a granite tower called the West Lion, resting. Hiking up fro...
The hunter ~
July 7, 2006
I know this is a bit redundant since I just added two of these photos to the Black & White gallery; but I really like them and wanted to explain what they are. The sequence was taken from the Se...
First of July fireworks
July 3, 2006
Long week-end. National holiday. Postcard-perfect weather. Sunny skies, happy people. Warm evenings. Street festivals. It’s all flashing before my eyes as I observe and take part simultaneously.Last...
Amazing vertical dancers ~
June 27, 2006
Vancouver, like most other cool places, likes jazz. Our jazz festival is currently enthusiastically jamming - pardon the pun - the city streets. Water St., main artery of Gastown, was closed off to ...