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Cherry blossoms
March 5, 2006
The calendar might not agree, but spring has already sneaked up on us! I had planned a bike excursion to Horseshoe Bay for today, hoping that it wouldn’t rain too much. But on my way to Stanley Pa...
Histoire inachevée
March 4, 2006
Bajo la penumbra de un farolSe dormiránTodas las cosas que quedaron por decir,Se dormirán.Junto a las manillas de un relojEsperaránTodas las horas que quedaron por vivir,Esperarán.[José Luis Pera...
Good old Citroën
March 2, 2006
Here's a funny commercial for the new Citroën C4, using urban Vancouver scenery. It is filmed from the top of the post office building and clearly visible in the background are the north shore mounta...
Fate as a tree
February 27, 2006
"No fate", carved Sarah Connor unconsciously on a piece of wood in Terminator 2. It might be a cheesy classic to quote from, but it sure addresses one of the biggest issues in life.No fate...
Nothing at all
February 20, 2006
Sitting deep inside the Trees café on Granville, with a warm smoking coffee next to the computer, it’s almost possible to forget there is a world out there. The music is soothing, people are tal...
Up in the mountains
February 18, 2006
Yesterday Friday, Vancouverites were granted with yet another one of those perfect crystal clear days; bright sunshine, crisp cool air and blue skies forever. May all those who criticized the local ...
Through time & space
February 14, 2006
[This post was reformated on August 26th, 2007, to correct errors in the initial code and to account for the changes caused by the new blog skin.] Transmitting blind on 121.5 mhz... "Pan-Pan, P...