Yesterday was September 11, 2011. Let’s not forget. Let’s not forget those who died in the tragedy ten years ago, the many real heroes among firefighters and police officers and simple citizens who lost their lives protecting that of others, and those who lost loved ones, and those who suffered and still do, those who fought bravely and managed to come out alive but scarred forever…

The Tribute in Light shines into the clouds, September 11th, 2011

Let’s not forget that these were a minority among New Yorkers. Let’s not forget that most New Yorkers (including myself) only know of 9-11 what has been forced-fed to them by the media and politicians for a decade. Let’s not forget that a lot about that terrible day’s events remains unclear. Let’s not forget that long before 9-11, and long after, many more were dying all over the world, for various causes often related to our insatiable thirst for oil.

If we are not going to forget, we must remember everyone, not only the ones who conveniently died here at home. They were all innocent. They always are.

It’s not really foreign evil that worries me, it’s the domestic, corrupt part of our establishment that pulls our strings and manipulates the public opinion.

So let’s not forget. How could we?