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Month: February 2005

Farewell to the Rock - Part 3
February 28, 2005
Cayman Islands, Hydrosphere, Photoblogs
Leaving the island includes saying good-bye to old friends, and odd friends. The following are self-portraits of Tom the Grouper and myself posing with a tear in our eye. A...
The lesser of two weevils
February 25, 2005
On the road
)arrow For two mornings in a row now, dolphins have accompanied the boat on our way to the dive site, playfully surfing the waves. And already I can hear a legion of readers...
A little memory game
February 24, 2005
)arrow I love quoting song lyrics. In fact I'm getting so good at it that I'm going to challenge the (very limited) world of Portal visitors: I hereby challenge you to give me a...
February 24, 2005
A couple of weeks ago, Flyingfish wished me Godspeed! with my coming journey. It stayed with me. I love the expression. It smells of travels and adventure. As says Jack Sparrow,...