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Month: February 2005

The Shadow of the Going
February 24, 2005
Hydrosphere, Quotes, Stories
It was the 3rd of September, 1994. I was standing on a dock in Guam. In the darkness of a cool dawn, a suitcase at my feet, I was watching the largest sailing vessel in the world,...
Farewell to the Rock - Part 2
February 19, 2005
Cayman Islands, Hydrosphere, On the road
I get up early on my day off and jump in the shower. My air conditioner was broken and I've sweated all night under the miserable whisper of a ceiling fan. But the shower faucet...
Of daylight and shadows
February 19, 2005
)arrow Sometimes I feel like Gollum, forever fleeing the burning brightness of the Sun. We endlessly seek its heat only to find our skin aging, our eyes blinded and shadows...
The Sex Lives of Cannibals
February 17, 2005
Hydrosphere, Quotes
I was recently reading a book when suddenly, hidden in the middle of a chapter, I recognized... Myself. This would be me, I realized, if I remained in Kiribati any longer, a...
Farewell to the Rock - Part 1
February 16, 2005
Cayman Islands, Hydrosphere, On the road
It looks as if the prison gates will open up for me at the end of March or the beginning of April. I have done my time, and so the time has come to move on once more, aiming for...