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Month: February 2006

Fate as a tree
February 27, 2006
"No fate", carved Sarah Connor unconsciously on a piece of wood in Terminator 2. It might be a cheesy classic to quote from, but it sure addresses one of the biggest...
Nothing at all
February 20, 2006
Sitting deep inside the Trees café on Granville, with a warm smoking coffee next to the computer, it’s almost possible to forget there is a world out there. The music is...
Up in the mountains
February 18, 2006
Yesterday Friday, Vancouverites were granted with yet another one of those perfect crystal clear days; bright sunshine, crisp cool air and blue skies forever. May all those who...
Through time & space
February 14, 2006
[This post was reformated on August 26th, 2007, to correct errors in the initial code and to account for the changes caused by the new blog skin.] Transmitting blind on 121.5...