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Month: April 2006

A painful reality check
April 30, 2006
Hydrosphere, Schtroumpfissime
Along with warmer days, the desire-slash-need-slash-core-necessity to be underwater has returned. The mere thought that it has actually been a year since my last dive is...
Eco-tour on Howe Sound ~
April 26, 2006
7:35 - I catch the mighty #22 bus at Knight and E. 15th Avenue. At bush hour, they come every 5 minutes or so and today I don’t even wait 3 minutes. (Bush hour is the bus-rush...
Doing the tourist thing ~
April 25, 2006
Tourism Challenge, day three.Yesterday was Sunday, the 23rd of April. The Sun Run was going on and downtown Vancouver was crawling with people.I woke up a little late, having...
Sunset on Grouse Mountain
April 24, 2006
The Tourism Challenge kicked in Friday and since then, Vancouver has been blessed with gorgeous weather. Yesterday after work, we hopped on the SeaBus and headed up for Grouse...