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Month: August 2006

Bon Cop Bad Cop ~
August 28, 2006
Cool, Reviews
I never would have thought I’d one day be writing a review about a Canadian-made movie, let alone one made in Québec. Yet here I am, and I’m enjoying it, too. To be...
HDR, or how to Help Define Reality
August 25, 2006
Bits and pieces, HDR, Photoblogs, Vancouver
It’s called HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range. I think of it as Help Define Reality. It’s an avant-garde digital photography technique that blurs the line between...
9 O'Clock, Tick Tock
August 22, 2006
Photoblogs, Vancouver
Life in Vancouver is about rituals, some of which I indulge in, some I don't. There’s drinking coffee, which usually involves an order with a staggering collection of...
From Sea to Sky and in Between
August 19, 2006
On the road, Photoblogs, Vancouver
Leaving Vancouver behind and heading north along Howe Sound, one passes by Squamish at the northern end of the sound and then arrives in Whistler, last stop on the road to...
Interview with an Empire
August 17, 2006
Cool, Reviews
Again? might one ask. Indeed. I’ve just watched - yet again – one of Steven Spielberg’s masterpieces. Featuring a brilliant soundtrack by John Williams and a stunning...
Shrinking Wings
August 16, 2006
Airborne, On the road
Le site d’Inspiration Point - Inspo pour les initiés - est situé près de Orem, à quelques 60 km au sud de Salt Lake City. Le décollage s'effectue d'une épaule rocheuse à...