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Month: April 2009

A night on the Cape of Good Hope
April 30, 2009
Always, On the road, South Africa
It would seem the southern tip of Africa has two faces, one purely geographic and the other popularly romantic. Technically, the actual southernmost point is located some 200 km...
New York-Montreal on a tow truck
April 29, 2009
ICMU, Stories
Storytelling, as anybody who's ever attempted it knows so well, is much like painting your house - a matter of love and hate. A painful task if I ever knew one, long hours of...
Polishing the template
April 26, 2009
Web site news
While the option for the visitor (you!) to change this blog's skin remains, said visitor (still you) might have noticed that I've pushed the drop-down box that allows this all the...
Web winks
April 23, 2009
Web winks
Introducing a new entry category (ya' know, those categories we assign to each post, usually listed at the bottom of an entry and which mostly make us look like we are organized...