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Month: September 2009

Menu update, some site maintenance
September 20, 2009
Web site news
The menu is evolving. Granted, my icon collection is somehow limited and I'm not such a great icon designer myself. I will have to do something about the ones above, though,...
A new top menu for the blog!
September 14, 2009
Bits and pieces, Web site news
The most unrelenting readers among you might have noticed design fluctuations in the top part of the blog over the last three days. I apologize for the inconvenience; I was...
Shaking New York's Pandora's Box
September 8, 2009
New York, Photoblogs
Blogger Melanie was recently commenting on this blog that she "... sometimes think[s] that if you could turn NY upside down and shake it, what would fall out would be...