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Month: January 2010

South African update
January 31, 2010
South Africa
34 degrees of latitude south. Very comfortable bottom tip of the African Continent. South of us, I was thinking today, is a maritime void that drops all the way to Antarctica....
January 30, 2010
Panoramas, Photography, South Africa
Below are a few modest panorama attempts. My little pano head gizmo is working really well and I'm slowly getting used to shooting panos in less than 15 minutes a piece. I'm...
The Garmin Forerunner on Table Mountain
January 27, 2010
Reviews, Running, South Africa
The first best purchase I ever made towards my running career was a simple pair of running shoes. They were Nike Air Max Assail II trail runners bought for $89 at a highway-side...
Cape Dwarf Chameleon found!
January 22, 2010
Chameleons, Photoblogs, South Africa
After two years of patient hopes and a few bursts of frantic investigation, we have finally found the lost family track of the Cape Dwarf Chameleon, endangered specie as per...
African skies
January 18, 2010
On the road, South Africa
This year's trip to South Africa was a textbook example of glitchless-ness. We rose at dawn in Brooklyn, left the apartment at 7:15 AM and caught a cab a block away on the taxi...